• Circuit Box

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    A dynamic, fully interactive circuit simulator written in Javascript. Circuit Box is capable of simulating both linear and nonlinear reactive and nonreactive circuits.

    Built with: Node React Javascript MongoDB
  • Physics Academy

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    Inspired by Circuit Box, Physics Academy is an online learning platform offering interactive lessons as a means to demonstrate abstract concepts in physics. Physics Academy was founded on the simple premise that it’s best to learn by doing.

    Physics Academy was a finalist entry in the 2012 Columbia Venture Competition.

    Built with: Ruby on Rails Postgres Sidekiq
  • Newton

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    A simple framework for defining 2D physics simulations using JSON. Newton uses the Box2D engine at its core.

    Built with: Javascript Box2D
  • Chorus Extractor

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    A Ruby gem to extract chorus from lyrics by finding consecutive matching lines of text in a file.

    To find patterns, each line is assigned a “diff score” based on the percentage of similar lines that exist within the same file computed via the McIlroy-Hunt Longest Common Subsequence (LCS) algorithm) Groups of consecutive lines with a high score are marked as being chorus lines.

    Built with: Ruby/Rubygems
  • attr_deprecated

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    A simple and non-intrusive way to mark deprecated columns/attributes in your models so they may be more safely removed. Any usage of a deprecated attribute will be logged with a warning message and a trace of where the deprecated attribute was called. Exceptions can be raised as well.

    Built with: Ruby/Rubygems
  • Data Structures in Python

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    A consortium of data structures I compiled while reviewing my computer science curriculum. Many of the examples are compiled from problems presented in (Elements of Programming Interviews).

    Includes dynamic arrays, linked lists, tress & graphs, hash functions, heaps, recursion & dynamic programming, etc…

    Built with: Python Numpy
  • Homespree

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    Homespree’s mission is to make purchasing home improvement services stress-free, while empowering professionals to grow their businesses.

    Homespree was the first place winner of the January 2013 NYC Startup Weekend.

    Built with: Ruby on Rails Postgres AWS Sidekiq
  • Legal Hero

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    Legal Hero’s mission is to empower businesses to grow with confidence by providing amazing lawyers and clearly-priced projects, so businesses can focus on what’s most important.

    Built with: Ruby on Rails AngularJS AWS Sidekiq Postgres sidekiq Redis Chef